Barone Ricasoli is one of Chianti’s most important producers; certainly the most important historically, with a remarkable story that goes back well beyond the 12th century. The most historic of wine castles, Castello di Brolio and its remarkable 250 hectare Chianti Classico vineyard, has been the home to the Ricasoli family since 1141. The most famous Barone, the “Iron Baron” Bettino Ricasoli (1809-1880), was not only Italian prime minister and one of the key figures in the unification of Italy, but also was the first to set down the grape varieties that should exclusively be utilized to make quality Chianti: predominantly Sangiovese with some Canaiolo and perhaps a little Malvasia for the early drinking wines. Today Sangiovese still dominates the Estate’s red

Chianti is probably the most famous wine of Italy and the quality and reputation of this region has improved enormously in recent years. Made predominantly from the Sangiovese grape with complimentary varieties from the Ricasoli vineyards this wine has no oak ageing to retain the full wild cherry flavour

Barone Ricasoli Chianti del Barone

  • Sangiovese